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Mr. Ray Shah

Capital Management Group (CMG), established in June 2000, first began this company as a customized management consulting services with primary emphasis on bringing financing solutions for small businesses. The CMG services help many of its SME clients with issues on how to define start-up/expansion projects, improving organizational performance, and organize loans by presenting the right information in the format/analysis and language that is preferred by banks/Lenders/investors. This has far-reaching benefits specifically, in promptly reaching valid conclusions by lenders/investors (while saving time and money, not to mention, reducing stress) than acting on the limited information that is commonly available to investors/lenders. After thousands of hours of research, CMG has put together a systematic and thorough approach that can give the clients "an unfair advantage" (creates better impression of the project and management!) over their competitors (other borrowers) in financing of their start-up/expansion business or project.

CMG works with US & international CEO/Management(s) of companies and assist them to define their business model, improve the same, if necessary, and then prepare investment grade business plan and presentation package that can raise from $3 million or more of business loans/working capital for start-up and expansion projects. Our experience shows that CMG packages are amongst the best 10% packages received by banks, institutions and investors. CMG matches risk profile of borrower with lender/investor and help organize necessary business capital. From our experience, the projects that have a good business model, good management, and have 30%+ equity (this can be relaxed if bank guarantee or other guarantee/collateral acceptable to lender is given) & adequate collateral are able to get approval with lenders/investors. During the process, CMG may utilize third party guarantee or other instruments that facilitate approval. CMG primarily serves manufacturing companies, Real estate based projects and distribution companies. For larger projects, CMG deals with infrastructure projects that often require government or reputable bank guarantee(s) that is acceptable to lenders.