Capital Management Group
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Client Benefits

Peace of mind to CMG client(s) that right type of Professional efforts are imparted on a regular basis to finance their project. Also, we review the financing proposals/activities every week with the clients.

  • Better chances of obtaining funds within the time frame as all efforts are imparted by knowledgeable and professional consultants.
  • Client interest is well protected by an independent professional that will emphasize positive parameters of the project and management.
  • All efforts are expended with concurrence of management and in strict confidence. Time bound efforts on regular basis over next 3 to 4 months and beyond. Allows management to focus on other areas. Regular review of the progress of financing project. Client has complete control on what financing to accept and not accept.
  • Professionally prepared presentation package to a large number of lenders/ investors by independent professional consultants.
  • Almost all fees for services are paid on achieving the agreed performance norms.
  • Written agreements clearly specify responsibility and obligations on both sides.
  • Do not have to pay salaries and benefits for the efforts so risk is primarily taken/shared by Capital Management Group and their associates.