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CMG Financing

CMG Program: How to get the finance for your business

1. Printable Inquiry Form duly completed by the CEO/Owner or authorized signatory (One who will sign the loan documents).

2. Executive Summary or Business Plan or one-three page note about the business, management and particulars of how you plan to utilize the funds received.

On receipt of the information, we generally send a CMG proposal for your business within a day or two. On your review and approval of the custom proposal, we send the agreement papers (period of 60 to 180 days or more, depending on the nature of assignment). The custom proposal and agreement explain the responsibilities and obligations on both the sides including the approach that will be taken to organize the funds for your business.

CMG provides Online Inquiry Form on this site. Please submit the form duly filled. Alternatively, you may email the Printable Inquiry form duly completed. To successfully fund the projects, CMG normally observes the following steps:

•  First step of the financing process is to review your available Business Plan or executive summary and all other relevant information for financing. If you do not have the investment grade business plan or if it is to be redone/updated, CMG will create/update one for you as defined in the agreement.

• Your CMG consultant will help you determine business goals, and detailed schedules for the right financing mix for your project. It is important to receive the right amount for you to be successful in business.

•  First, all financials are created by CMG consultant and submitted for client’s review. After the review meeting, a draft business plan (almost 90% complete) is submitted to the client. After client’s review and after making necessary changes, a final business plan is submitted to confirm the vision of the client and management team.

•  Once the plan is finalized, it becomes possible to match the risk profile of the business with the right lenders/banks. Then, CMG will screen list of lenders and investors based on the risk profile of the business. Borrower will have full opportunities to research the lender/investor and consult attorneys. Also, CMG will create a presentation package and will present your project for funding to a number of lenders, investors.

•  At this stage, we normally expect loan approval letter and acceptance of the loan offer by the client.

•  If necessary, CMG will organize a third party guarantee.

•  CMG will coordinate and connect lenders & investors with the client.

•  CMG will facilitate the disbursement of funds and the closing of the transaction.