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Executive Summary

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The Executive Summary is that part of your business plan that is normally first read by any investor and lender.

  • Format:

The Executive Summary should be about two pages and should be brief, and would normally include objectives and mission of the project/company.

  • First Paragraph:

The first paragraph should highlight what product/services you offer to match point-by point, the great potential of your company or project.

  • Objectives and Mission of your Business:

  • Summary of Revenue and Profit Projections(Estimate) for 3 years:

    • Sales
    • Cost
    • Profit
  • Value of your customer:

You must show an investor that your product or service adds value to a current market or customer type

  • Market Size:
  • Current status of the project:
    • Total cost of your project or expansion
    • How much funds you require
    • How much amount you will invest from your (you and your local partners) own resources
  • Management Team:
  • Amount you need over next six months and how you will use the disbursed funds:
  • Exit Strategy:

How and when do you plan to get out your investment.