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Helping Manufacturing Business With Our Financing Solutions in Anaheim, CA

Financing Solutions in Anaheim, CA, for Manufacturing Businesses

With our business financing solutions in Anaheim, CA, you will learn how other small businesses succeed in improving profitability and in getting loans and working capital, and how you can take the lead role in creating a professionally prepared package that meets the formatting norms of US and international banks.

When you sign up with CMG as a business client, we will do the following:

  1. Assist you to define your start-up/expansion project
  2. Prepare the investment-grade business plan.
  3. Do advanced preliminary due diligence for your project and prepare the presentation package. This process will eliminate or minimize the errors in presenting the package to lenders/investors, and it will please them as the advanced work is done. The first impression is very important to get approval for the loan.
  4. The above steps will create an investment-grade package that is likely to be accepted for evaluation by lenders/investors.
  5. CMG will screen 5-10 banks/lenders/investors who likely to invest in the client’s industry and location.
  6. CMG will contact each lender/investor and establish their initial positive response while presenting the package.
  7. CMG will make professional efforts to get a letter of interest from banks/lenders/investors.
  8. On receipt of the letter of interest (or equivalent), CMG will complete and facilitate due diligence, and we will finalize a letter of commitment with the lenders.
  9. CMG will help to facilitate the disbursement of funds.

We work for the success of our business clients, so we spend most of our time and professional efforts to find lenders that will be interested in screening and funding the project. With our business financing solutions in Anaheim, CA, we got your business projects covered from the preparation of presentation package to the disbursement of funds.

Contact us if you have further questions about our financing and management services. Based in Anaheim, CA, we proudly serve business clients throughout the entire US and around the world.