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Answers to Search for Finance:

When searching for finance basic planning requires that you know the answer to these three questions:

1. What will you use the money for?
You must know exactly where the money will be used. You must be specific, as generalities are recipes for disaster. Carefully identify the areas where money should flow into your business.

2. How much money do you need?
You should calculate your needs to carry you through initial startup capital and working expenses, as also into your first several months of operation. It's necessary to have a realistic picture of your needs. Many businesses fail because the money runs out before the business reaches profitability.

3. How will you pay back the money?
You must have adequate cash flow from your business to repay the money to your investors/lenders. Before asking for funds, make sure your fiscal projections and business integrity are soundly argued in a good business plan.

An integral part of a good business plan is financial statements for your business. You need to show sufficient cash flow in your business for the repayment. You do this with information as found in an income statement, a balance sheet, and a projected cash flow statement. You will find more information on "business plan" at www.cm-group.com.