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Bringing Investors/Lenders And Entrepreneurs Together

When you are client with CMG, your name will never be used as a reference, unless you agree in writing; not now or after your business is financed. Business owners keep the pending sale, or purchase of a business confidential from outside parties due to many reasons including tax challenges, mailing lists, protection of clientele, just to name a few. Because of these reasons, business owners have indicated they do not want information shared. We , also, do not want to trouble our clients on a regular basis.

What our clients say:

1. "I appreciate everything that you are doing for me. I do understand that we need to make lot of changes. And I will. It might take some time but your hard work for keeping me on track is highly appreciated and it is not a waste of your time at all. I am learning a lot from you and want to learn as much as possible.”

 - CEO of California Corporation (Yale Graduate) - December 2014

2. "I agree that CMG is a highly professional consultants. Thank you for your efforts to make us successful and we are ready to become big with your support."

- (Client - Indonesia - August 3, 2011)

3. “You know that I am totally convinced in moving ahead with you on this. Its just that I must explain to the other directors/investors in the company and explain the reason why CMG is one of our best shot in getting the loan.”

- (Client)

 4. "It was great working with CMG Consultant. The services have more than paid off the efforts put in and the fees paid to CMG. We will save more than $500,000 just in interest savings over a period of the loan. "

- (Client)

5. "CMG gives prompt answers on all questions during the financing process."

- (Slovania client)

6. "The best is when you directly talk with the CMG consultant, the consultant sees the problem or replies a question you ask over email very promptly. If consultant needs more information, the consultant calls the client right away, and I (client) am appreciative to see the promptness and closeness and sincere involvement of the consultant with the client. As a client I feel that CMG can solve all the financing problems."

(Client) Slovania

7. "CMG Business Plans are very comprehensive. The pro-forma financials incorporated are very traditional and easy-to-read."

- VP of a leading US Bank

"Business Plan can make or break a deal."

 "CMG Business Plans make it easier to make a deal." -VP of a leading US Bank

8. "We have taken a look through the project information CMG provided and it is very thorough. There are a few housekeeping needs which can be follow-up items, and will not stop us from completing everything at our end and issue a commitment letter for $4 Million loan/ line of credit by Monday." - VP of a Bank 

Business Owner:

“ CMG presents your project for funding to a number of lenders and investors with a professionally prepared presentation package.

* If necessary CMG will organize third party guarantee.

* CMG coordinates and connects lenders and investors with the client.

This is really cool! So you don't just write business plans??? You will actually do the rest of the leg work for me to get the funds!!! Is that Right??" - Business Owner:

CMG Reply:  "Yes! We can send you a comprehensive proposal. Please refer our brochure on the website home page. Please submit Online Inquiry Form. Thanks."